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Interior design: (interior design, interior decoration, modern decor, interior design, bedroom decor, villa interior design, majlis design, house decor, store decoration design, coffee shop decor, workshop decor, modern villa decoration, classic villa decor, decor Moroccan, Islamic decor)

External design: (exterior decoration design, three-dimensional decoration of the facades, shops decoration, exhibition decor, exhibition designs, villas décor, villa exterior designs)

Commercial design: We know that great design and the choice of distinguished furniture increases the success of your project and we guarantee you the luxury of design at the best price (shop decor, salon decor, restaurant decor, hall decor, coffee shop decor, reception hall decor, hotel decor, office interior design, decor coffee shop)


Here is Prodesign Design and Decoration. All that you are looking for you can find with us. We are a full-service company, we design interior decoration, implementation and supervision.

Our Deparments

Engineering Management

There is no doubt that the success of any decoration and design company is based on specialized engineers with experience in engineering fields. Prodizayn owns a team of engineers specializing in architectural, structural and electromechanical engineering and they have sufficient experience through which we can implement any project. They have implemented many restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, villas and companies. Etc ……. They have sufficient experience that qualifies them to manage projects and arrange project implementation priorities in a way that makes time the most crucial to work as we can, through their expertise, complete projects in record time and they help the designer (interior designer) to complete the interior design and highlight the design in a way that satisfies everyone, whether the client. Or the designer or viewer, they have all the respect and appreciation from Prodesign.

Technical and Design Department

Prodesign has a team of distinguished interior designers who specialize in interior design and decoration work as they have enough experience to show the artwork in the way that satisfies the customer, as they have enough experience in various types of design As they are one of the reasons for the advancement of Prodesign for design and decoration in the field of interior decoration, and they have designed many projects, whether they are commercial or companies  through the technical and design team, we can provide everything new and we can make the art of design in the development of an investor through continuous knowledge and creativity.

Public Administration

Prodesign for design and decoration has a management that aspires to provide the best services with the finest tastes as it is always keen to satisfy its employees and so that the employee works in a good atmosphere to be able to present all that is new and work to develop his creativity in order to satisfy all tastes and to provide design and implementation service in a manner that satisfies the customer And that diligence under the management of Mr. Abdul Aziz Hassan Al-Shathry, General Manager, who always strives to develop the system and build a good business network to make Prodesign ranks among the first companies in interior design and decoration.

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